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Corrupt Paintball

if you havent already seen this here it is!

this is a picture of me and ryan in bunny ball at fox, it was a three man tourny but we only had two because our third broke his foot.  so me and ryan rocked it and maxed our first game then the second game we played the winning team and they raped us the first time we were maxed then for the third game we got the muppet killer, rossi i was in back left stand up ryan was in back right stand up adn rossi single handedly maxed our game so then we were in third place and we were about to leave because we didnt make finals so right before we left i was like lets go and make sure were not in so we went down to the score board and i was like why is there a star next to our name and the guy is like "because you made finals" so first game of finals we got eric from pbshooters to play with us and we were playing No Name, the winning team so we got eliminated but we made fifth out of 25 teams and won custom jerseys thanks to WONE

Corrupt at Bunny ball


turkey ball maby

corrupt will be playing all of these hopefuly*
*hopefuly is the key word there

if you know of a tournement coming up that we whould play in tell us!
if your short a person and need some one one of us can play so just ask!