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About us
Corrupt Paintball

Justin Schuldt, Captan, Back
hey my name is justin i have been playing paintball for 5 years now i am the captan of Corrupt Paintball.  i can play any position on the field but i choose to play back becuse im good at it and no one else can do it.  i shoot a Gen-X 3 Chaos Series fully pimped out with an E-blade and so much more. i also shoot an old Shocker as my back up its the most accurate gun i've ever shot, i love it.  all the money i get goes tord paint ball because it the greatist sport ever. i have played all over chicago land, some of my favorates are and well im out like the deaf kid in musical chairs.   -Justin

Ryan Rodarte,   Mid/Front
Hi, my name is Ryan. Ive been playing paintball for about 3 years and been on Corrupt for about 1 year now. I loved every minute of it. I love to play Mid or Front because I love to be in the action. I sometimes get bunker crazy and take them out before my teammates do, but its for fun. My captain usually pays be back by shooting people now before I bunker. Im good friends will all the people on the team and we cooperate in every match. I rock the wgp 03 cocker (soon to be E-blade). We recently played a tourny at and took 5th with 2 people in a 3 man event. I usually play at PB-shooters or fox. Were going to play at the cpsa 5 man event so check us out sometime.

More Bio's to come as i get them